About Me

I spent most of my adult life as a restaurant manager, running multi-million dollar restaurants I was very successful in turning around minimal producing restaurants and making them profitable. By building teams setting up routines developing employees.

Here I am hobnobbing with Lewis Black the comic when he came into my restaurant

All of which were very fulfilling but I had no time for myself , for my family and no quality-of-life. I worked from open to close a lot of days, rarely seeing my family while missing out on important milestones. I had a heart attack at 30, neglected my health and spent every waking hour and minute devoted to pushing sales and operations of the restaurant. I was totally unhappy but it was all I knew.

Then one fateful night September 29, 2011 during a power outage, I made the mistake of walking through the wrong door and fell down my basement stairs. I laid there for hours alone in the dark until my daughter came home to find me at the bottom of the stairs.

I couldn’t move a muscle except for my pinky finger felt like I was swimming in a pool with no water, it was the scariest moments my entire life. The weirdest feeling was spent in the emergency room watching doctors move my arms and legs and not be able to feel them.

I spent the next six months in rehab slowly getting some feeling back but I still was not able to walk or use my arms and hands. Now I was faced with the dilemma of not being able to work anymore or run my restaurants what was I going to do for money how was I going to support my family?

Family the one that I had neglected all this time was falling apart, I lost my wife, grew distant from my children and found myself alone.I’d always dabbled a bit with the Internet mainly for Facebook & video games .

I had done some get rich quick schemes in the past but always failed at it. Realizing that I could never go back to the restaurant, I knew that I had to find a different way of making income.

I pulled out my laptop dusted it off and started searching Internet for ways to make money. I ventured out in a few different ventures spent a lot of my Savings money, trying to find that one thing that was going to give me a break through. I found a mentor who guided me through the world of Internet marketing. Taught me a system of how to generate leads and convert them into sales of my affiliate marketing promotions.

Now with the help of my mentor, I have developed a system of health wellness, strong mental mindset and business savvy. I found systems that afford me the ability to make as much and even more at times than I had as a restaurant manager. I am less stressed and happier than I’ve ever been in my entire life. All through the system of attraction marketing with this vehicle I’ve chosen a better lifestyle.

A lifestyle of dinning whenever I want to in other people’s restaurants, traveling whenever I like even swimming was sharks.

reconnecting with and having the ability to help my children with whatever needs they have. No longer am I working 16 hour days more like six hour days on something I truly enjoy.

I went through a lot of pitfalls in learning the business, and it is my VISION to see more wheelchair-bound and disabled people have a good quality of life and be able to earn despite their disabilities, and not go through what I did.



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That Is what this opportunity and all-in-one training platform will provide.For now I am enjoying life to the fullest despite physical disabilities scuba diving, roller coasting, traveling around the world. All the while making an income from the internet with just a few SHORT hours a week of work.

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